Winter Season Registration is now open if you need any assistance please contact the Athletic Office.


    Winter Athletic, Ski Club, Drumline and Choir Registration and Health Office Clearance

    Each freshman student needs to supply a current physical for the 19-20 school year. However, if you are a student-athlete, you will need to be sure that the expiration date works for the school deadlines.

    It is advised that you look at your son or daughter’s latest Pre-participation Physical Evaluation to see when the document expires. The document must be dated within 365 days of the first practice for the sport/activity that the student will participate in.  

    If a sport holds a tryout and an athlete misses the tryout because their paperwork is submitted late, the athlete will be given a one day tryout once they are cleared to participate. 

    As a forewarning, medical offices usually book about six weeks out, so please call as soon as possible to schedule physicals. If you can’t secure a date before the October 25th deadline or if your insurance company allows only one physical exam a year, then you can make an appointment at a walk-in clinic of your choice.  Doing this will reset your date for the future, where you can return to your son or daughter’s physician. However, walk-in clinics will not clear a child who may have a pre-existing condition (Asthma, SVT and etc). If your child’s exam is set to expire and you would prefer for your son or daughter to see their personal physician, then another option would be to pay out of pocket for the examination or call your insurance for a one time date reset/waiver.


    Step 1 -  Registration for Athletics and Marching Band/Color Guard

            A. parent/guardian must register their son or daughter by going to the Rschool link below:


            The deadline for Winter Athletics and Marching Band Registration is 10/25/19.

    Step 2 - Submit all of your son or daughter’s medical documents to the Health Office

            A. Deadline for submitting medical documents is 10/25/19.

            B. For more information regarding the medical documents needed for athletics and marching band, please visit the link below and review the                               PowerPoint.

            C. Please submit medical forms as soon as possible. The forms must be processed by the Health Office, then reviewed by the school physician as per NJ               State Law in order for your child to be cleared to participate.


    Step 3 - Receive clearance by the Health Office.

             A. The status of each student's clearance can be tracked by logging into your family account on Rschool Registration. 

             B. In addition, your child will receive a clearance letter after he/she has been cleared by the school physician.

    Any paperwork handed in after the deadline unfortunately will not be processed on time and will cause a delay in final clearance. 

    Please make sure all of the other medical documents are handed in before the 10/25/19 deadline.  All of the documents need to be signed by a physician, stamped with physician’s office seal, and every section of the form needs to be completed.

    A list of all the required medical forms can be found on the Health Office Webpage link below.


    If you have any question concerning the health forms, please contact Irene Amante at 908-996-2131 ext. 6502 or by email at ireneamante@dvrhs.k12.nj.us

    If you have any questions regarding Rschool Registration, please contact Kathy Lovering at 908-996-2131 ext. 6702 or by email at kathylovering@dvrhs.k12.nj.us


    Bill Deniz

    Director of Athletics


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