• World Campus

    What is World Campus?

    Delaware Valley Regional's World Campus program encourages motivated students to look beyond the walls of the traditional high school and discover the endless possibilities that are made available through online sources.  This program fulfills the NJ Option II requirements for expanded educational opportunities.  Students who complete an approved course will receive high school credit and have the course appear on their official transcripts. Under most circumstances, the credit received will not fulfill required coursework, will not be attached to a letter or number grade, and will not be used in Grade Point Average calculations.  The intent of World Campus is to provide enrichment to students looking to expand their horizons and challenge themselves, not provide a less resistant path to graduation.  


    How do I get started?

    There are a number of great sites which offer free online courses from well-respected post-secondary institutions. Start by looking at these three sites:

    Coursera:  www.coursera.org

    Udacity: www.udacity.com


    If you don’t see anything there, you can visit a site like http://www.mooc-list.com/, which is a directory of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from a variety of different providers.


    I found a course that I want to take, now what?

    Before beginning the course, download and fill out the Option II application which can be found on this site. You will need to know the basics about the name, duration, estimated time commitment,  and certificate availability about the course. You will also be asked to provide a little information about why you want to take the course. After you, your parents, and your counselor sign the form, turn it in for approval. An administrator will take a look at your application and determine if you will be able to receive credit, how much credit, and what you will have to do to demonstrate that you have completed the course.