Photo Credit: Dr. Daniel Steinberg, PCCM Education Outreach Director
    Picture taken at Princeton University's School of Chemical Engineering, this was one of my experiments to research Methanol Transport through Nafion     


      Mrs. Nicole Carro
       Email Address: nicolecarro@dvrhs.org
       Room: B-111
       Subject Area: Physics
    Welcome!  Please find course information on my Canvas pages.
         A Days
    1A: Physics CP (B-111)
    2A: Prep (B-111)
    3A: Physics AP1 (B-111)
    4A: Physics CP (B-111)
            B Days
    1B: Science Supervisor (Curriculum Office)
    2B: Science Supervisor (Curriculum Office)
    3B: Physics AP1 (B-111)
    4B: Prep (B-111)
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