• Strategic Planning Process 

    The Delaware Valley Regional High School District has engaged in a Strategic Planning Process that will help develop a road map for the district.  We will start the process by soliciting feedback and perspectives from all of our different stakeholder groups.  Following a data analysis process, the Board will strive to prioritize its goals with a focus on supporting student achievement and growth.  It is our goal to prepare our students for success at Delaware Valley Regional High School and beyond.

    Utilizing this information, the Board will participate in a planning process that will build consensus and seek to prioritize goals and available resources.  This process will lead to the development of ambitious but attainable goals that are supported by milestones, metrics, as well as the necessary resources.

    Following the development of these goals and action plans, the Board will adopt a Five-Year District Strategic Plan and use these identified priorities to guide the district's planning process moving forward.  The Five-Year District Strategic Plan is a living document and will be reported on twice a year at our Board of Education meetings. The Strategic Planning process is being supported by Dr. Brian Zychowski and Kean University.

    We are excited to engage in this process that embraces the high expectations our community holds for our students!  This plan will help set the course for the continual growth and improvement that our students deserve!  We hope that all of our community members will lend their voices to this process.