• Strategic Planning Process 

    The Delaware Valley Regional High School District enthusiastically began a strategic planning process that resulted in a recommendation to the Board of Education at their February 24, 2014 meeting. The final plan is very comprehensive, and the process involved a Core Team of nineteen (19) representatives from the school district, area businesses, parents, associations and the community at large.  Additionally, based upon the results of the Student, Staff and Community Survey Data Collection Triangle, highly focused Task Forces were created to explore particular areas of need and/or interest.

    A Powerful Model

    PLC Associates, Inc. based in Florida and New York facilitated the activities of the strategic plan and served as a resource throughout the process. According to Daria Wasserbach, Delaware Valley Superintendent, “This is a very powerful model in that it featured significant levels of stakeholder participation and involvement, with a focus on the use of data, research, and best practices.  A comprehensive, ongoing, open line of communication kept our community apprised of our progress along the way. This process intentionally built a strong guiding coalition of positive support, and united the community in its implementation.”  In addition, this model of planning has received rave reviews from participating school districts and is endorsed by New Jersey Association of School Administrators.

    High Expectations

    “Expectations are extraordinarily high,” according to Penny Ciaburri, principal of PLC Associates, Inc. who operated as Lead Facilitator of the entire initiative and has worked with over 400 schools.  According to Ciaburri, “Delaware Valley was in a superb position to begin this process. They diligently gathered data from staff, students and the community as the first step. Data was critical to our work.  We made certain that our thinking and findings were predicated not only on the school-specific data, but also the voluminous research available for what works in schools.”

    High Performance Starts With Strategic Action

    Superintendent Wasserbach indicated, “We were very pleased with the focus-forward strategic planning process, the building of leadership teams and learning communities, and the development of the action plans that will deliver us to our desired outcomes.  This took teamwork, and there was room for everyone!” Board President Ellen Gordon commented, “We look forward to the development and implementation of a Strategic Plan that is a collaborative effort with our constituents.  We expect that the plan will provide solid direction for Del Val over the course of the next several years.”