• DVRHS Five-Year Strategic Plan

    The Delaware Valley Regional High School District has completed a Strategic Planning Process to develop a road map for the district.  The process began by soliciting feedback and perspectives from all of our different stakeholder groups.  Following a data analysis process, the Board developed and prioritized its goals with a focus on supporting student achievement and growth.  The Board of Education is committed to preparing our students for success at Delaware Valley Regional High School and beyond.

    Utilizing these priorities, the Administrative Team completed a planning process to establish goals, action plans, and initiatives.  This process led to the development of an ambitious but attainable Strategic Plan that was adopted by the Board of Education at their meeting on December 18, 2023.  The plan breaks the goals into a three-phase timeline with regular formal and informal updates presented to the Board of Education and our school community throughout the five-year plan.

    We are excited about implementing this plan and embracing the high expectations our community holds for our students!  This plan will help set the course for the continual growth and improvement that our students deserve!  Thank you to all who participated and shared their voice in the creation of this plan!