• Our Vision:
    DVRHS is a dynamic force within our community.  Strong relationships are essential.  Focused leadership, a positive culture, engaging instruction, enthusiastic students, and school-wide pride are keys to our success. Our school, as a dedicated and vibrant learning community, is fundamentally committed to preparing our students for their life pursuits.
    Our Mission: 
    At DVRHS, we engage and prepare our students through a broad range of dynamic opportunities, inspiring them to achieve their fullest potential, and graduate ready to embrace their future.

    Our Beliefs: 

    As a community, we embrace:

    • Challenge

     High expectations require high standards.

    • Students At The Center

     Our first priority is the growth, success and well-being of each student.

    • Working Together 

    We are a connected and caring community.

    • Respect

    We conduct all interactions with regard for others.

    • Integrity

    We consistently act with honesty and honor.

    • Effective Communication

     We actively listen and willingly share.

    • Continuous Learning

    We are committed to lifelong learning.

    • Accountability

     We take ownership of our actions and outcomes.

    Adopted: March 24, 2014