Welcome to the Delaware Valley Regional High School District

  • Welcome to the Delaware Valley Regional High School District!

    The Delaware Valley Regional High School District can be found in the heart of beautiful Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The District serves students in grades nine through twelve who reside in the five municipalities that comprise our region: Alexandria TownshipFrenchtown BoroughHolland TownshipKingwood Township, and Milford Borough

    The District benefits from a smaller student enrollment, which consists of approximately 730 young adults. As such, Delaware Valley appreciates a strong sense of community and family; our students are at the center of everything that we do as we work to prepare them for their futures.  We are a comprehensive high school that focuses on the development of the whole child through opportunities for leadership, exploration of broad academic programs, and a thriving extra- and co-curricular program.  Our students grow in an environment that is supported by an active school community dedicated to providing a safe and positive school culture and that embraces its traditions and history of success.

    We are extremely proud of our program and believe that Delaware Valley Regional High School truly offers something for every student!  Students have access to top-notch educators, a rigorous AP program, Academic Career Academies, and multiple concurrent enrollment programs.  We are very proud of our faculty members who have met the stringent criteria required to serve as in-house university adjunct professors.  The high school has been certified as a “Future Ready School” and we boast an ongoing commitment to technology integration that will best prepare our students for success in college, career, and a digital world. The district continues to support a 1:1 iPad initiative that fosters collaboration among students and staff through, Canvas, a learning management system used at many colleges and universities.  Students in grades 9-11 participate in the administration of the PSAT so that students will benefit through exposure to more advanced course material, and upperclassmen will have greater preparation for the college entrance exams. Additionally, these scores are one of many data points that serve to inform our educational planning, track student progress, and analyze curriculum and instruction. 

    Delaware Valley Regional High School frequently recognizes the achievements, strengths, and talents of all of our students.  We appreciate that success comes in many forms, and we acknowledge that students are more than just grades and test scores. Award-winning scholars, as well as musicians, athletes, artists, actors, writers, student-leaders, and philanthropists can all be found walking our halls and in our classrooms. Students are celebrated each month at Board of Education meetings and are publicly recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions to their programs and/or our school community.

    I would like to thank the faculty, staff, students, parents, and community for their continued support, and we all look forward to another successful year at Delaware Valley Regional High School. If you are interested in learning more about our District, please visit our website at www.dvrhs.org

    Scott McKinney, Superintendent

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