• Welcome to the Del Val Debate Club / Team Webpage!
    •  Debate Club meets every Thursday starting at 2:30 PM.
    • Every meeting, we debate one or two previously selected topics. Members separate into two teams, and each team supports one side of the argument. Members then exchange "points" and counter their opponents' arguments. 
    • To decide the topics that we will be debating, members can vote on a Debate Club poll, which features student-generated topics. 
    • Members can always  email the senior officers of Debate Club any ideas for debate topics.
    Club Officers 
    •  President: Josh Santana
    • Vice President: Mikayla Houser
    • Secretary: Colin Jacobson
    • Public Relations Officer: Colin Tessier
    • Event Manager: Kayla Aguilar Cserr 
    • Before each debate, each side will have approximately five minutes to prepare their argument. 
    • Each team will have a  opening speaker, who delivers the "thesis statement" of their team's argument.
    • Debates vary in length but each debate typically lasts for approximately twenty minutes. 
    • Throughout the year, the Debate Club hosts holiday-themed parties.

     Debate Team