The Frenchtown Elementary School, an intimate educational environment, prepares its students to meet the challenges of rapid globalization. We recognize that in an increasingly diverse world, they will need a solid foundation in technological skills, the versatility to design their own multi-career futures, and a greater appreciation for and acceptance of cultural diversity.

    In an atmosphere of academic rigor, Frenchtown Elementary students acquire the broad knowledge base and analytical skills they will need to function as independent thinkers. Through school-wide beliefs and actions, our students are taught to respect themselves, their peers, their community, other cultures, and the natural world in which they live.

    In these ways, the Frenchtown Elementary School strives to help each student develop intellectually, physically, socially, and ethically. Our ultimate mission is to produce happy, healthy, creative young adults who grow into life-long learners with a desire to contribute to their society as productive citizens.

    The Frenchtown School District will achieve the aforementioned attributes through the New Jersey Curriculum Standards and the ten New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers.