Frenchtown School was built in 1925 as a K-12 building.  The second floor of our building was originally the high school and the elementary students were downstairs.  In 1959, Delaware Valley Regional High School was built and Frenchtown School was reorganized to be a K-8 school district.  
    Our school was renamed Edith Ort Thomas Elementary School in 1976 in honor of Edith Ort who was a math teacher and board member. Edith Ort served Frenchtown School for over 50 years.  Click here to learn more about Edith Ort from our 4th grade class. Edith Ort History
    In the main lobby of Frenchtown School are two trophy cases that display numerous artifacts from the historical times of our school.  In addition, the main office has the original time and announcement apparatus along with a piece of the original gym floor.