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    Q: When does the next enrollment process begin?
    A: The next enrollment process HAS BEGUN. This is for enrollment in the Fall of 2022 in grades K-8.

    Q: Is the enrollment process really done nearly a whole year in advance?
    A: Yes, the state of New Jersey sets the timelines for the enrollment process and the applications this fall are for the next school year.

    Q: My student has already enrolled as a school choice student this year. Do I need to do anything to continue my child as a choice student in Frenchtown next year?
    A: No, there is no more paperwork after the initial enrollment process.

    Q: For parents interested in enrolling their children in Frenchtown, what is the first step?
    A: The first steps are to apply to the Choice district and to notify your district of residence (current district where you live) of your intent to participate in the School Choice program before the upcoming December 1, 2021 deadline. The easiest way to do this is to fill out an Intent to Participate form which is available in our main office (908-996-2751) or by printing one from the link on our main School Choice page. Simply fill out the forms and bring the application to Frenchtown and the Intent to Participate form to your current school by the deadline. The state advises to send the form return receipt mail or bring it in yourself. Ensure you make a copy of the completed form for yourself and ask for a dated receipt when if you drop the form off in person. (most popular)

    Q: How many students will Frenchtown Elementary School accept?
    A: The number of seats available for each grade level has been determined by the district with attention to maintaining a low student to teacher ratio.

    Q: Is preschool part of the School Choice Program?
    A: The School Choice Program does not apply to preschool programs. However, students from other towns that are currently enrolled in Frenchtown's Little Paws Preschool may be able to enroll as School Choice students with a seamless transition. Frenchtown's Little Paws Preschool will continue to accept students as it has in past years.

    Q: Will Frenchtown continue to enroll students from other towns on a tuition basis?
    A: No. Under the School Choice regulations, Choice Districts may no longer accept tuition-paying students. However, preschool and out-of-state students are outside the parameters of the School Choice program and can continue on a tuition basis.

    Q: What happens if there are more applicants for a grade than seats available?
    A: If there are more applicants than seats available, a lottery process will determine which applicants are accepted.

    Q: What types of lotteries can be held?
    A: There are two types of lotteries that may be held. Check with the school as to which type of lottery is planned. Sibling preferences, Tier I, and Tier II.
    1. Group lottery: Applications for all grade levels are combined into one group lottery. Students' names/numbers are drawn randomly and seats are filled according to the grade-levels of the applicants and the seat availability in the grades. A waitlist is created for all applicants whose names/numbers are drawn after the seats have been filled.

    2. Tiered or grade-level lottery: One or more grade levels are given priority in the lottery process. For each grade-level that is given priority by the district, a separate lottery is held. In other words, all applicants for the same priority grade-level are pooled and names are randomly drawn. Once available seats for the priority grade are filled and a wait list is created, another lottery for the next priority grade level is held. Once all priority grade level lotteries have been held and wait lists are created, the remaining applications for the non-priority grade levels can be grouped into a group lottery.

    Q: Are there before and after school child care options if I need support for my child during those times?
    A: Currently, there is not a program due to low enrollment numbers for the WorkFamily registration. Links are available on our home page if you are considering this as an option.

    Q: Who pays the educational costs of students attending a Choice School?
    A: The educational costs are paid by the New Jersey Department of Education directly to the Choice District.

    Q: How would my child be transported to and from school in Frenchtown?
    A: Transportation to and from school is provided by your district of residence or they may provide a family with aid in lieu. Aid in lieu is money to help cover your costs of transporting your child to and from school using your own vehicle.

    Q: How can I get more information or answers to questions about the School Choice program?
    A: You can use the links to the state web pages on Frenchtown's website, call the school, or email Principal James Hintenach