• 3rd Grade


    Welcome to Ms. McCann's 3rd Grade! 
    We're having a great year so far!  Some information about me--I have a BA in English from Rutgers, and a MEd in Elementary Education from Lehigh University.  I've been teaching at Frenchtown School since 2005.  On a personal note, I've got two lovely, launched (that was spelled incorrectly for how long?! JEEZ) adult children, a motorcycle, a kayak, and a good life.  I like to garden, swim, hike, teach, read, explore, create, and nuts, I'm going to stop right there before I get carried away.  Wait....Cheez-its.  I love Cheez-its.
    (and as of this update, I still do.)
    You can reach me at
     (908)996-2751 x7221, 
    or email me at emccann@frenchtownschool.org
    with any questions or concerns.