• 3rd Grade



    Welcome Back!

    It's so exciting to be a third grader!  You have your own locker, you get to be on the second floor, it's the year you get your own recorder for music....so many cool things.

    I've been at Frenchtown since 2005, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our community. I garden, swim anywhere and everywhere, fish, kayak, bake, read, write--I've got some years on me, so there are a lot of things I like to do, and so many more I've yet to experience.  I hope to bring this willingness to explore, to find out what works, how effort produces results and why persistance is an important practice for our students. I don't always get it write/right the first time, and don't expect your/you're student to/too/two, either.  (Even if they do, we're still going to practice, practice, practice!)

     -Ms. McCann

    You can reach me at
     (908)996-2751 x7411, 
    with any questions or concerns.