•            Physical Education
    Thomas Wollert
    Email Address:  twollert@frenchtownschool.org
    Phone Number:  (908) 996-2751 ext. 7420 
    Room:  Frenchtown Elementary School
    Subject Area:  Health & PE
    Please follow this link for all current Health and Physical Education assignments.


    Health assignments are to completed either written or through email, assignments are to be returned to school when we return or emailed anytime during our closure.  Contact and emal information is twollert@frenchtownschool.org.
    Middle School will complete their assignments throug CANVAS and will hand in their assignments by the due date.
                                                                                              Physical Education
    Students are encouraged to get 60 Minutes of physical activity everyday, here are some suggested activities for the following grade levels.  Along with these activities I suggest that a warm-up and cool down are performed before and after each activity.  Please follow the CDC guidelines of hand washing and social distancing while participating.