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Mrs. Lamonde

Welcome, Kindergartners and Parents!  

  • Dear Parents,


    I have attached a Choice Board of activities for your child to complete.  Please have them complete 2 reading activities and 1 writing activity per day.  They can choose 2 science activities per week. The current choice board is for this week.  I will send a new one next week. 

    I will be available via email and ClassDojo as usual.  Please continue to check ClassDojo and please turn your notifications on, I will be checking in daily using ClassDojo.  I will also be posting an “assignment” each day on SeeSaw. 

    Remember, these activities are designed to prevent your child from sliding backwards during our time apart.  I encourage you to take advantage of them, but understand that it might not be possible to do everything. If you have any questions about the assignments or how you can help your child please reach out to me.



    Mrs. Lamonde


    Details about the Activities and Tips for Parents

      1. Reading
        • I have sent home numerous books that vary between independent and instructional for your child.  Please have your child read daily. When reading with your child, you can help them sound out 3 letter words, but keep in mind that not all words can be sounded out.  It is just as beneficial for them if you tell them the word and make sure they read it correctly as it is to make them sound it out.
        • Please set up with just you and your child in a quiet area.  
        • Tips for reading with your child:
          • Before Reading:
            1. Tell them any words that can’t be sounded out or appear difficult.
            2. Have your child take a “picture walk” through the book (Just look at pictures) and tell you what they think the book is about.
          • While Reading:
            1. Make sure they point to each word as they say it.  We do this during every guided reading lesson.
            2. Have your child show you how to tap out a 3 letter  (consonant-vowel-consonant) word to sound it out.
            3. Not all words can be sounded out, it is ok just to tell your child the word and have them read it.
          • After Reading:
            1. Have them tell you the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  They should look back through the book while they do this.
            2. If there is a problem and solution in the story, have them identify them.
            3. Have your child identify the characters and setting.
            4. Have your child reread for fluency.
        • Sight words: Work on sight word flash cards or spelling list.  This is very important, knowing sight words can dramatically improve your child’s reading!


    • Kids A-Z


        • If you have a tablet, you can download Kids A-Z for free. Your child’s login information is attached to this letter.  They can log in and listen to books, read them aloud, and take a quiz. Your child’s account is set to their level. If you feel the books are too challenging or too easy, please let me know and I can adjust them.
      • SeeSaw: Please download the SeeSaw Class app (not SeeSaw Family.)  I have sent you a code through class DoJo.  I will be posting videos of me and creating assignments for the class on this app.  This will be a great way to feel connected during our time apart.
    1. Writing:
      • Journal: Have your child write in their journal.  They can write about any topic they choose.  You can assist by encouraging them to sound out words, or spelling the words for them to write on their own.
        • The main focus is not spelling correctly, but knowing some of the sounds.
        • They usually write about one sentence per day.  The real focus is a capital letter at the beginning, spaces between words, and punctuation at the end.
      • Letter formation:
        • Have your child work on the letter formation worksheets.  They know follow the arrows, please encourage them to write the letters correctly.  All letters (except e and for some people lowercase d) start at the top. They can do 2 sheets per day.
      • Draw!
        • Drawing and coloring are fine motor activities that help with writing!
    2. Math:
      • I have included packets from chapter 4 and chapter 5 of our math curriculum.  They are NOT expected to complete these packets. I would like them to do a few pages a day to keep them fresh.  Please choose pages that you feel are appropriate for your child.
      • Visit ST Math https://www.stmath.com/ or download the ST Math App
      • Visit https://xtramath.org/#/home/enroll Use the code I sent you in ClassDojo.
    3. Science:
      • Spend time outside! Make observations about the world around you.
      • Select one or two of the journal writing pages to write a sentence about what they observed in nature.
      • Download the BrainPop Jr. app or visit it online.  Username: Klapper Password: 2020Mps

     Please Click Here to Access the Choice Board


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