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    Mrs. Blew 
    Room: 57
    Subject Area: 4th Grade
    Welcome to 4th grade! 

                 I am extremely excited about entering my ninth year teaching fourth grade here at Alexandria Township School. This year I'm pleased to announce that I will be co-teaching with Miss. Attanasio.

            Throughout the year I will post homework, important dates, reminders, and links on this website. Please check back often to see what's happening in our classroom. I am looking forward to another wonderful year. Thanks for visiting!
             Below, you will find our full day in-class schedule. 
    Daily Schedule    
    8:35 - 8:46     Homeroom          
    8:49 - 9:34     Writing                       
    9:37 - 10:22   Specials
                          Monday- Music      
                          Tuesday- PE
                          Wednesday- Health
                          Thursday- PE
                          Friday- Art
    10:25 - 11:10  Reading Groups         
    11:13 - 11:58  Language Arts     
    12:01 - 12:46  Social Studies/Science
    12:49 - 1:34    Lunch/Recess
    1:37 -   2:22    Math
    2:25 -  3:10     Monday/Tuesday/Thursday- Core
                           Wednesday- Spanish
                           Friday- Technology
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