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    Welcome to the Del Val Art Department
    At Delaware Valley Regional High School we encourage the exploration of art and creative problem-solving.
    We challenge our students to take creative risks and to embrace challenges. We believe in the transformational power of art and know that the creative mind transcends the studio into all subject areas. 
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    Sarah Ruppert                                         
    Email: sarahruppert@dvrhs.k12.nj.us
    Room: C107 and C104
    Subject: Art and Photography
    Phone: 908 - 996 - 2131 x 8117 ( email is preferred)
    **Photo Lab lunch access by request on Tuesday and Thursday. Email me for a pass.  
    Semester 1
    Schedule (A-Day)
    Period 1A- Fundamentals of Art (C107)
    Period 2A- Prep 
    Period 3A- Advanced Photography (C104)
    Period 4A- Color & Design ( C104)
    Schedule (B-DAY)
    Period 1B - Intro to Photography (C104)
    Period 2B - Intro to Photography (C104)
    Period 3B - Photo II (C104)
    Period 4B - Prep 
    Semester 2
    Schedule (A-Day)
    Period 1A- Fundamentals of Art  (C107)
    Period 2A- Intro to Photography (C104)
    Period 3A- Prep 
    Period 4A- Intro to Drawing ( C107)
    Schedule (B-DAY)
    Period 1B - Photo II ( C104)
    Period 2B - Intro to Drawing ( C107)
    Period 3B - Intro to Photography (C104)
    Period 4B - Prep
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