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    Sarah Ruppert                                         
    Email: sarahruppert@dvrhs.k12.nj.us
    Room: C107
    Subject: Art and Photography
    Phone: 908 - 996 - 2131 x 8117 ( email is preferred)
    Semester 1
    Schedule (A-Day)
    Period 1A- Fundamentals of Art (C107)
    Period 2A- Intro to Photogrpahy (C107)
    Period 3A- Intro to Photogrpahy (C107)
    Period 4A- Prep (C107)
    Schedule (B-DAY)
    Period 1B - Intro to Photography (C107)
    Period 2B - Prep Period (C107)
    Period 3B - Photography II (C107)  
    Period 4B - Intro to Photography (C107)
    Semester 2
    Schedule (A-Day)
    Period 1A- Fundamentals of Art  (C107)
    Period 2A- Photography II (C107)
    Period 3A- Photography II (C107)
    Period 4A- Prep (C107)
    Schedule (B-DAY)
    Period 1B - Intro to Drawing (C107)
    Period 2B - Prep  (C107)
    Period 3B - Advanced Photography (C107)
    Period 4B - Intro to Drawing (C107)