Scott Heckman
    Email Address: scottheckman@dvrhs.k12.nj.us
    Phone: (908) 996-2131 ext: 3031
                                       *Emails are preferred*
    Subject Area: Special Education
                                  - US History CP
                                  - US History Academic
                                  - American Civilization CP
                                  - American Civilization Academic
                                  - English II Academic 
    Period 1A         US History CP                                        collab with Mr. DePaolo     
    Period 2A         American Civilization Academic           collab with Mr. DePaolo
    Period 3A         US History Academic                            collab with Mr. Manner
    Period 4A         Prep Period
    Period 1B         American Civilization CP                      collab with Mrs. Coles    
    Period 2B         English II Academic                              collab with Mrs.  Esposito
    Period 3B         US History Academic                            collab with Mr. Manner
    Period 4B         Prep Period
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