•  Shop-Rite Gift Card Fundraiser 

    Interested parents can purchase these cards (dollar for dollar), and use them to do their shopping at any Shop-Rite.  The cards do not expire.  You use the cards just like cash at the grocery store.  

    The 5% earned for each $100 is paid by Shop-rite. Your student earns 4.50 points ($4.50) for every $100 worth of cards. Fifty cents (.5 points) goes to the general fund. 

    Example:  If you normally spend $600 a month at Shop-Rite, you could be earning 27 scholarship points a month.  This is a full year fundraiser. With orders placed every month, your student’s fund can really add up! (12 months x 27 = 324 points).  Scholarship points can be used for anything related to the programs your children are in such as band camp, costumes, music/voice lessons, music instruments, etc

    Cards are available in the following denominations:   $25, $50 and $100

    Contact us for a ShopRite Card Order Form.

    Ordering system:

    • Make checks made payable to DVPAB for the total amount of your order and return to the Main Office in an envelope labeled Performing Arts Boosters - Melanie Fleming - ShopRite Fundraiser (**Put your name and your student’s name on the envelope**)

    • Indicate the individual card value on the form or on your check

    • Checks must be received by each THURSDAY that follows the monthly meeting, unless that is not a school day, as orders will only be placed with payment up front.  (Late orders will be held for the following month’s order) - See due dates below.

    • The card comes in about 7 days later.  You will be notified via email when they come in to arrange pick up.

    Shoprite Card Due Dates for 2023-24:

    October 12th

    November 8th

    December 7th

    January 11th

    February 15th

    March 10th

    April 11th

    May 9th

    June 6th


Last Modified on March 21, 2024