• Peer Leadership and Mediation
    Peer Leadership is a club comprised of Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.
    In the fall of each year, all current Sophomores are invited to apply to be a Peer Leader.  
    Applications are reviewed by the advisors, the Del Val Faculty is asked to make recommendations and the peer candidates are interviewed by our current Peer Leaders.
    If accepted, the students remain Peer Leaders until their graduation from DVR.
    New peers will be required to read, sign, and hand in the DVR co-curricular code of conduct.
    Peer Leaders are expected to be role models throughout the school and the community.  
    All new peers will be required to purchase a peer t-shirt for $10 to wear at our events.
    All Peers participate in the following:
    OASIS (usually held in August)
    Back to School Night
    Throughout the year, peers participate in numerous other events including but not limited to:
    8th grade orientation
    School visits to our sending districts
    New student tours of DVR
    Memorial Day Assembly
    We also assist staff and administration as needed throughout the year.
    The current Peer Leader advisors are Diane Romeo and Laura Cariddi
    questions?  send us an email at peerleaders@dvrhs.k12.nj.us 
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