The Fine and Performing Arts Academy is designed to expose students to a comprehensive course sequence in three areas of the arts: Performance/Theater, Music, and Visual Art. Students will choose one of these areas in which to concentrate and develop their artistic and creative capabilities. Students will explore career fields which may draw heavily on the arts, including: design, fashion, psychology, music/art therapy, music technology, performance, and/or gallery curating.

    The Performance/Theater concentration will provide students with courses that focus on musical theater, including acting, dance, and vocal skills. Music students will refine their performance technique in Concert Band or Chorus classes, while also acquiring skills in music theory and electronic music. Visual arts students will take introductory classes in 2D and 3D design before focusing on one particular medium. All concentrations will culminate in a capstone course that prepares them for auditions, career and college placement, or portfolio development.

    Arts students will also discover numerous opportunities to explore their concentration in a range of extra-curricular opportunities both at Delaware Valley and in the wider community. Performance/Theater concentration students will find opportunities to perform in play and musical productions on the DVR stage. Music students will have performance opportunities in Concerts, Recitals, Marching Band, Jazz Band, and Chamber Choir. Visual artists will be able to take advantage of our Visiting Artists Series as well as form connections with other local artists and galleries.


    In order to successfully graduate from the Arts Academy, students must complete at least 30 credits in their concentration area (which includes both fine and practical arts credits required by New Jersey for graduation).

    Course Sequences:

    Music​ - Performance/Education Pathway

    9th Grade - Performance Ensemble (Concert Band or Chorus) or Lab Courses (5 credits)

    10th grade - Intro to Music Composition and Theory (5 credits)

    11th Grade - Performance Ensemble/AP Music Theory* Lessons (11 credits)

    12th Grade - Performance Ensemble/Senior Seminar (10 credits)

    Music​ - Performance/Education Pathway

    9th Grade - Performance Ensemble (Concert Band* or Chorus) or Lab Courses (5 credits)

    10th grade - Intro to Music Composition and Theory (5 credits)

    11th Grade - Music Technology/AP Music Theory* (10 credits)

    12th Grade - Performance Ensemble or Lab Course Senior Seminar (10 credits)


    9th Grade - Introduction to Musical Theater (5 credits)

    10th grade - Introduction to Dance or Chorus (Choose one)/Stagecraft and Design (Practical Art) (10 credits)

    11th Grade - Introduction to Theater*/Dance or Concert Choir (10 credits)

    12th Grade - Senior Seminar Dance or Chorus (10 credits)

    Visual Arts

    9th Grade - Fundamentals of Art (5 credits)

    10th grade - Drawing I, Sculpute I, Wood I (Practical Art) (10 credits)

    11th Grade - One semester each of a 2D and 3D course/AP Art History (10 credits)

    12th Grade - Two semesters of 2D or 3D/AP Studio Art (10 credits)

    *Concurrent Enrollment

    The SETON HALL concurrent enrollment offerings for 2019-2020 are:

    • AP Music Theory with Mr. Wells (Theory of Music I, MUAP 1112, 4 credits)
    • Concert Band with Mr. Hayden (Instrumental Chamber Ensemble, MUAP 1183, 1 credit)

    The RVCC concurrent enrollment offerings for 2019-2020 are:

    • Advanced American Drama with Mr. Ambs (CRN 17273, THEA 103, Sec. 80, Introduction to Theater, 3 credits)

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