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AMS Update - 2/15

February 15,2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This afternoon I completed a tour of the new wing with a representative from the County Department of Health.  We have received permission to return to the use of the new wing starting next Tuesday morning.  Thank you again for all of your patience and cooperation concerning this matter.
Dr. Jennings

February 14, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Attached is the most recently completed air quality report for the new wing of AMS.  The test results reveal that the air quality in the new wing of AMS is safe for staff and students.  I am still waiting for additional information from the Department of Health and our Insurance Representative.  I will provide you with an update Friday afternoon on the status of classroom use for next Tuesday.  Have a great weekend,
Dr. Jennings     

Air Quality Summary 2/14/19

AMS Lab Data 2/14/19

February 8, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians:

This is an update on our current situation.  The odor in the new wing is improving daily.  We are in the process of scheduling an inspection by the State Building Code Inspector in order to restart the boiler.  In addition, additional air sampling is currently being conducted and will be available sometime next week.  Thus, even if the odor completely dissipates, I want to err on the side of caution by not returning to the new wing until we have the inspection and the results of the additional air quality testing.  The soonest this will be is early next week.  I will keep you posted by providing the results of the air quality testing and letting you know when the inspections have been completed.   Thank you again for your patience and support.  

Dr. Jennings


February 7, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I have received the complete air quality testing report.  It is attached for your review.  Currently we have air scrubbers in the new wing of AMS.  This is an attempt to remove the odor.  In addition, our boiler contractor is cleaning the furnace and the ventilation stack.  The air compressor is scheduled to be replaced tomorrow.  We cannot restart the boiler until an inspection is completed by the State Construction Code Inspector, our Insurance agent and the Board of Health.  This will depend upon their availability.  We do have a second boiler that is functional and is able to heat the new wing of AMS should we need it.  We continue to be assured of student safety in their current location.  Thank you for your patience and support.
Dr. Jennings


February 6, 2019

Dear Parent(s) and Guardians,
I have received the results of the air quality testing done at AMS.  The results and a summary of those results are attached.  Based upon the lingering odor and the recommendation provided in this summary, we will continue to operate school using the current schedule at least until Monday.  No students will be permitted to enter the new wing of AMS until that time.  I will continue to update you daily with any new, pertinent information.  I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of AMS for being so flexible and resourceful during this time.  They have worked very hard to provide meaningful educational experiences under challenging circumstances and I know that we are all looking forward to getting back to normal.
Dr. Jennings

Air Quality Summary

Air Quality Results


February 5, 2019:

Dear Parent(s)/Guardians,

This is an update regarding the status of AMS.  
1.  The Office of Emergency Management representative visited our school again early this morning.  He continues to support our plan for operation of the school building.
2.  Our air quality consultant was in the building early this morning and performed additional air tests.  He also supports our current plan for operation of the school building.
3.  The fuel oil spill has been cleaned up by a certified company.
4.  Our schedule for classes today has proceeded without incident.  The staff and students have been very flexible and accommodating, making the best of the situation.
5.  A Construction Code Inspector from the New Jersey Department of Labor inspected the boilers.  As anticipated, one of the boilers is out of operation until it can be repaired.  We have contacted the appropriate company to complete the repairs as soon as possible.  This boiler will then be reinspected before it can be used.  We do have two boilers and the other one remains operational.
6.  All of the air quality samples have been collected from the affected area.  Unfortunately, the lab has informed our air quality consultant that the results will not be available until tomorrow afternoon.  Thus, we will operate the school in the same manner as today.  I will provide an update on the results of the lab's report as soon as it becomes available.  
I thank you for your continued cooperation as we continue to strive towards getting our school day back to normal.
Dr. Jennings



February 4th, 2019:

Dear Parent(s)/Guardians,

This is an update regarding our situation at AMS.  As you know we sent students home early as a precaution this afternoon.  This allows us to continue ventilating the areas and to develop a schedule for room use on Tuesday.  In addition, an environmental cleanup company is coming as soon as possible to remove the heating oil that is causing the odor.  Our air quality consultant and the Quakertown Fire Department has inspected the building and determined that there are no issues with gases in the building.  The Office of Emergency Management has agreed that students will be safe in the building if they are not in the new wing of AMS for prolonged periods of time.  
As an additional precaution, we are having additional air quality testing in the AMS wing done starting this evening, with the results expected to be provided to us late Tuesday evening.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 5th will be a regular school day.  All students will be educated in classrooms that are not in the new wing of AMS.  A schedule of classroom use has been provided to staff members.  Assuming the air quality test comes back as normal, we will resume the use of normal classroom spaces on Wednesday.  An update will be sent tomorrow as well. 
Please share this information with your child:  5th and 6th graders will enter the building through the front entrance and report to the cafeteria for homeroom.  They will receive their schedule for the day with the new room assignments.  Students will not be changing for gym as all gym classes will be held in the old gym.  
Thank you,
Dr. Jennings