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Tech Support for Parents & Students

Viewing Standards Grades K-5 (Powerschool App)

Viewing Standards Grades K-5


Activating Zoom Accounts for Students

Step by Step Directions - Zoom Activation

Student Email

 Step by Step Directions


Accessing YouTube through Google Classroom

Students can only access YouTube through Safari on their iPads.  They are required to sign in to their Google Account so that we can properly filter for innappropriate content. 

Step by Step Directions


Access to Student Online Resources


If you are unable to access a resource via an App on your iPad, try using Safari or a home device.  A list of links is on our website.


Access to Pearson Realize through Google Classroom

Quick Start:

  1. Open Google Classroom (student should already be signed in)
  2. Go to Topic & Assignment
  3. Click on the Link to Pearson Realize Assignment
  4. Open in Safari
  5. Pearson Realize site opens
  6. The first time it will prompt you to login
  7. This login is also the Gmail credentials (NOT Pearson credentials)
  8. The first time it will ask to Allow access to a bunch of stuff in G Classroom - Allow
  9. You should be in.  The first time Realize asks you to Set up a profile, select an icon and then "Let's Go" at the bottom.
  10. All subsequent logins will be seamless - no logins to Pearson.  It takes you right to the activity.


Step by Step Directions with Pictures


Internet Filtering with Securly

Getting a Securly Login screen while in Safari?  Students will need to authenticate to our Securly filter.  Follow these steps.


Join a Google Meet

Students do not have the ability to create a Google Hangouts Meet but they can join.  Here are the ways to join:

3 Ways to Join a Google Meet


Print from your iPad

Your home printer needs to be Air Print compatible to be "discovered" by your iPad.  Here is a list of Air Print compatible printers and directions on how to print:


Printing from your iPad  

1st-3rd grade Alternative to Printing:  Open document in Notes App for annotating & saving. Click here for video directions.

4th - 8th Alternative to Printing:  Open the document in Notes App or Notability.  


Contact Tech Support

908-996-6811 ext 2019 - Please leave a message with a phone number & a good time to call.