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Middle School Performance of Revolting Rhymes!

We hope that you enjoy our middle school performance of Revolting Rhymes! Needless to say, we have all undergone a less than conventional school year and we had to adapt a lot of ideas and traditions for the situation. So, for this year we have a cinematic version of our theater program.
We cannot speak highly enough of the students involved in this program and their sheer determination to keep this project vibrant and relevant. Along with the usual challenges that go along with producing a play, the students adapted to new technology, learned how to do voice acting, and produced the impressive art you see in the performance. We truly hope you enjoy the movie. The students put their hearts into it! And of course, many thanks to Ali Gilheany, our director, and all of our other friends at River Union Stage.
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PARENTS PLEASE NOTE:  This has content for middle school age students. We encourage parents to please supervise students in PRE-K to 5th if you permit them to view the performance.  
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