7th Grade Social Studies Unit 4 (The Thirteen Colonies)

7th Grade Social Studies In seventh grade social studies, students are currently studying the The Thirteen Colonies. 
To demonstrate proficiency on this topic, students will have to understand or be able to do the following:      
Components of the locations, crops, and strategies of each country      
Analyze text relating to the viewpoint of disputes using primary sources  
The role the monarchs played in the establishment of the territorial claims and proprietary colonies   
Changes made as a result of the divisions of colonies by region   
The impact exploration from Europe made from establishing the colonies of North America           
Connect real life situations to that of the Thirteen Colonies through math problem solving      
Apply RACE when completing an open-ended persuasive response and using text as evidence      
Evaluation of progress will be based on a variety of formative and summative assessments.      
To prepare for tests, students should use My Big Campus and Newsela for concept reviews    
Extra links are available on my page for additional resources.
For homework, students should show all of their work and complete assignments on time in order to receive full credit.      
Textbooks and literature books are available for students if needed to complete homework.      
Students should be checking their answers on their own using rubrics provided.  
Questions will be addressed in class.