Service Electric Cable TV: Keep America Connected

Below is a message from Service Electric Cable TV:

Dear Service Electric Family,

While you have received official notifications of our action plan and procedures put in place to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to personally let you know that our management team is doing everything we can to closely monitor and adjust to the situation. As many of our regular projects and responsibilities have been put on hold, we will continue to work around the clock to ensure that we are making the best decisions for our employees and customers.

The Lehigh Valley's surrounding emergency infrastructures, including local hospitals and major health networks, are depending on us to provide continued, reliable service and connectivity. Work-from-home personnel and small businesses need SECTV to be able to serve their customers, while families are counting on us to help entertain and educate their youth during this ongoing self-quarantine period.

Service Electric has also made a commitment to join the ''Keep America Connected'' pledge to:
        • Not terminate service to any residential or small business due to the inability to pay their bill.
        • Waive late fees that residential or small business customers incur because of their economic circumstance related to the coronavirus pandemic.
        • Open its Wi-Fi hotspots to everyone.
Additionally, SECTV will offer free 10x5 Internet service for 90 days for new customers during this ongoing national emergency.

For more information on modem access and the 60-day financial grace period, please contact a SECTV Customer Service representative at:

Toll Free in PA (800) 232-9100
Toll Free in NJ (800) 225-9102

We will continue to assess the situation and adjust accordingly, doing our best to keep our employees safe and our customers connected.

John M. Walson
Service Electric Cable TV & Communications

Note: Free cable modem service and installation for 90 days to everyone that is not a cable modem subscriber presently. After 90 days the service will return to its normal rate of $34.95 or you can disconnect with no termination fees.

 ***Services Update 5-19-2020***


As many of you are aware since mid-March, with the outbreak of COVID-19, SECTV has been offering cable modem service and wifi router for free. This nationwide program was proposed by the FCC to provide free service based on need, and each cable provider had the option to consider joining the program.  SECTV was one of the first cable providers in the nation to implement this program.  To date we have installed over 1500 free modems.  This FCC program ends on June 15, 2020, but we chose to go beyond to an end date of June 30 2020, to ensure the timeline covers the entire school semester.

    Attached is a copy of the letter that has been mailed to everyone that signed up for the free “Connect America” plan.  The letter details Federal guideline options for continued service at a reduced cost based on eligibility requirements.