August 2014 DVPAB Minutes

Delaware Valley Music Boosters

Meeting Minutes:     August 6, 2014


Pending approval by membership at next public meeting.




Attendees:    Lorraine Colville, Christine Diem, John Doucette, Jean Fitzgerald, Lynn & Paul Gresko, Eugene Hill, Ilda Jaco, Melody Karmondi, Lisa Lieto, Anne McCormick, Elizabeth McKim, Robert Mead, Diane Moran, Dawn Niemeyer, Robin Niles, Randi Scher, Cheryl Smith, Suzanne Snyder, Mary Talke and Katie Werrmann.


Meeting Minutes taken by:                        Anne McCormick




Diane Moran - meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Diane Moran introduced herself and the rest of the Executive Board and delivered an introduction address to the membership.


1.)        Membership Committee:    Lorraine Colville

            -at time of meeting, membership stood at eight (8) registered members prior to the new school year registration of Music Boosters members.


2.)        Minutes from June meeting:          Anne McCormick

            -Since meeting minutes are distributed with meeting announcements, the minutes from the June meeting will be sent via e-mail for review and a vote for their approval will take place at the September meeting.


3.)        Director’s Update:

            -Christopher Zwarich, Director of Instrumental Music - Mr. Zwarych introduced himself to the membership as the new Instrumental Director at Del Val.  He gave a brief introduction and is excited to be part of DVRHS !  Mr. Zwarych specializes in percussion, brass instruments and woodwind instruments.


            -James Schnyderite, Director of Vocal Music -

                        -Mr. Schnyderite explained to the membership that after 3 years, he’s finally gotten a dedicated Vocal Room (rooms that were formerly B98 and B99 - “Health Rooms” were reconstructed into one large room for the vocal department.)

                                    -Mr. Schnyderite explained how the room would be set-up with seated risers and each student would have assigned seats.


                                    -Mr. Schnyderite announced there is a new “acoustic shell” that can be used for vocal performances as well as instrumental  performances to improve acoustics in the auditorium.

                                    -Mr. Schnyderite said there will be a new piano lab in the new vocal room.

                        -After-school programs changes:

                                    -Chamber Choir:     

                                                -will now meet from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on TUESDAYS

                                                -Auditions for Chamber Choir will be during the first full week of school.

                                    -The New A Cappella Choir:

                                                -will meet from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on THURSDAYS

                                                -Mr. Schnyderite explained he has disbanded the former Mens’ Choir and Womens’ Choir in favor of a combined A Cappella Choir that he can also make a Womens’ group and a Mens’ Group with.

                                                -Students have to sign-up for hearings for placement in the ensemble.

                                                -Mr. Schnyderite said further information is available on his website and his Facebook page.

                                                -Mr. Schnyderite is planning on bringing the new A Cappella Choir to perform at Music in the Parks.

                                                            -He added he wants to have more performance opportunities with the A Cappella Choir.

                                    -Mr. Schnyderite explained the schedule he has planned for this year should work well with the athletics schedule as well as the Drumline rehearsal schedule.

                                    -Daytime Choir:

                                                -Mr. Schnyderite explained there was quite a problem with getting the Daytime Choir scheduled with the guidance department.

                                                -At the time of the August meeting, 57 kids had signed-up and only 23 students got placed in the class.

                                                -Daytime Choir meets 3rd period which is a conflict with Sophomore science labs and Junior A/P English.

                                                -Mr. Schnyderite said that anyone who wanted to be in the Daytime Choir and did NOT get placed in the class needs to e-mail him about getting scheduling corrected.

                                    -Mr. Schnyderite mentioned that this school year is NOT a year for a major music trip.  The music department traveled to Walt Disney World for their 2014 trip and they’re hoping to start planning for the 2016 trip.


4.)        Old Business:           Diane Moran

            -Open Committee Chair Positions:    Brief information about staffing for the committees.


5.)        Committee Reports:

            a.)        Uniform Committee:   Beth Kelly & Katie Werrmann

                        -Eugene Hill asked when do shoes for Marching Band kids get ordered.

                                    -Beth Kelly said during band camp.

                        -Diane Moran announced that uniform measurements will be taken during Mini Band Camp.


            b.)        Sewing Committee / Uniform Fittings:           OPEN CHAIR

                        -Looking for membership to handle the sewing and fitting needs of the Marching Band / Guard.

                        -Diane Moran asked for help with fittings for Mini Band Camp.


            c.)        Band Camp:    Dawn Niemeyer

                        -Dawn Niemeyer reviewed the new itinerary for Band Camp with the membership.

                        -Scheduling drop-off time during a more favorable time to help parents who work.

                        -Offered to field any questions/concerns.

                        -Review of Band Camp Eve procedure: the night before leaving, Stephanie Stevens was to check-in all medications just like for the Disney trip.

                                    -Lorraine Colville made sure the membership understood that doctors’ orders were required and to be signed-off by parents for prescription medications & “over-the-counter” medications also.

                                                -Tylenol and Advil can only be administered with parental consent.

                                                -Unauthorized meds cannot be sent to Band Camp.

                                                -Meds would have to be delivered and approved the night before leaving for band camp.

                                                -Meds would be placed in an envelope and sealed to travel the next day with the students.

                                                -Lorraine Colville was clear in stating that unlabelled medications would NOT be accepted.

                                    -Lynn Gresko asked about dropping off luggage.

                                                -Diane Moran said luggage is brought the morning of departure with the students for search and clearance.

            d.)        FRED Crew:   Gene Hill

                        -“Explained” why bus is named Fred 3.

                        -Asked for volunteers to man the Fred Crew.

                        -NO new vehicle coming from the Board of Education.

            e.)        Spiritwear:      Ronna Hill       (n/a)

                        -Diane Moran explained that the show shirt design was to be voted on and approved to get printed in time for band camp.

                        -Show shirt cost is included in the price of band camp.  All additional shirts are $ 12.00 each.

            f.)        Concessions:   Lisa Lieto

                        -Told the membership she will be using to coordinate volunteer help with concessions.

                        -Told the membership she needs volunteers and a grill master for the Snack Shack.

                        -Diane Moran told the membership that concessions earned approximately $ 7,000.00 last year alone with only four (4) home games and all those funds go in to the Music Boosters general fund.

                        -Diane Moran reviewed how fund raising works for the Music Boosters and how those funds are distributed.

                        -Gene Hill made sure the membership knows that the Music Boosters also feeds the visiting band via our Hospitality Committee.

            g.)        Chaperones:    BJ Jacobson    (n/a)

                        -Diane Moran explained a little about HIB (Harassment / Intimidation / Bullying) certification works and that training is available on-line.


6.)        Fund Raising:           Ilda Jaco

            a.)        Yankee Candle sale slated for the fall.

            b.)        Gertrude Hawk sale also slated for the fall.

            c.)        “Dollars and Scents”:  a possible fund raiser of using our logo on air fresheners.  At time of this meeting, Mrs. Jaco was awaiting brochure with samples.

            d.)        January event: In the interest of having an indoor event that wouldn’t interfere with the major events already on the calendar, Mrs. Jaco and Anne McCormick have come up with “The First Annual Boxball Tournament & Bake Sale.”  Details will follow.

            e.)        Diane Moran:  Announced to the membership that she would like to have a Music Banquet near the end of the school year as opposed to the annual Marching Band Banquet.

            f.)        Holland Township 35th Annual Community Day:     Christine Vollo            (n/a)

                        -Event will be at Riegel Ridge Community Center on Sat., September 6, 2014, at 1 p.m.

                        -Diane Moran told the membership that the Music Boosters sells snow cones at this event every year.

                                    -Music Boosters are seeking eleven (11) volunteers for 2-hour shifts each as well as set-up and clean-up.


7.)        New Business:

            a.)        Marching Band:          Diane Moran

                        -Assured the membership that the students will be well-hydrated for band camp as well as rehearsals.

                        -Suggested students be sure to have Gatorade or other hydration options available on their own as well.

            b.)        Theatre Department Merger:  Diane Moran

                        -It was announced that the Theatre Department approached the Music Boosters to discuss possible inclusion of their department in the Music Boosters.  Future discussion, possibly special meeting, to follow.


8.)        Questions / Comments:       none


Adjourn:        Diane Moran adjourned meeting at 7:53 p.m.


Next Music Boosters Meeting: Wend