October 2014 DVPAB Minutes


Delaware Valley Music Boosters

Regular Meeting:       October 8, 2014

Pending approval by membership at next regular meeting.


Attendees:      Lorraine Colville, John Doucette, Lynn Gresko, Marta Hernandez, Deborah Hill, Eugene Hill, Ronna Hill, Jennifer Huang, Ilda Jaco, BJ Jacobsen, Beth Kelly, James Kluska, Anne McCormick, Diane Moran, Glen Nebel, Karene Nebel, Dawn Niemeyer, James Schnyderite, Cheryl Smith, Suzy Snyder, Madelyn Trimmer, Christine Vollo and Katie Werrmann.

Meeting Minutes taken by Anne McCormick


1.)   Meeting called to order by Diane Moran, President:                       7:02 p.m.

2.)  Membership committee:       Lorraine Colville

      -           Membership stands at fifty-three (53).

3.)  Minutes from June 2014 [regular] and August 2014 [regular] meetings:  Anne McCormick

      -           Minutes for September meeting presented and approved by vote of entire membership with no discussion nor corrections/revisions.

4.)  Treasurer’s Report:    Cheryl Smith

      -           Treasurer’s Report presented and approved by vote of entire membership.

5.)  Directors’ Reports:   

      a.)        Mr. Zwarych:  [presented by Diane Moran]

-           Review of upcoming performances, competitions and particulars.
-           Review of Trick or Trot event and how to get kids involved in the event.

      b.)        Mr. Schnyderite:

-           Review of rehearsal schedules for the Chamber Choir and the A Cappella Choir with explanation of split rehearsal times for Thursday night rehearsals.

-           Chamber Choir:          presentation of slated performances

            -           Frenchtown Tree Lighting:  details pending; tentatively scheduled for the first week of December (either on Wed. 12/03 or Fri. 12/05; or possibly on 12/11 – the day after the holiday concert)

            -           Holland Seniors at RRCC:  details pending about a performance for senior citizens.

-           Regions Auditions:    December – before the concert (12/10)

            -           Explanation of how the auditions are conducted and how many kids are chosen.

-           Ithacappella:    Not looking good for a performance at DVRHS this school year.

            -           Discussion followed about the possibility of looking in to other college groups to perform instead.

-           Explanation of choir expenses that Mr. Schnyderite advances and gets reimbursed for.

-           Discussion followed about how to get choir parents to help with concessions and how the majority of the work is handled by non-choir parents.  It was suggested that the vocal division has not been part of the Boosters for a long time and there may be a lack of awareness on what the Boosters manage for all the musicians and where volunteer help is needed.  Discussion was tabled at the direction of Diane Moran, President.

6.)  OLD BUSINESS:       Diane Moran

      a.)        Snack Shack:
            -           Zane Colville completed his Eagle Scout project of the Snack Shack rebuild.
            -           Del Val Sports Boosters contributed to the rebuild and now there are 2 grills to use at concessions.

      b.)        Back-to-School Night:                      Karene Nebel
            -           Thanks to all who participated and supplied manpower for the event.

      c.)        Color Guard:
            -           The new gear bags for the color guard look great; very professional.

      d.)        Youth Band Night:

                  -           Thirty-six (36) kids from the sending districts participated.

                  -           Discussion about adding a budget line for the event for next year.

                  -           Discussion about recruiting for Color Guard as well as for the bands.

                  -           Suggestion about changing the date for earlier in the season while the weather is warmer.


      a.)        Uniforms:        Beth Kelly / Katie Werrmann
            -           Everything is going well.  No changes reported nor discussed.

      b.)        FRED:             Eugene Hill
            -           Seeking an apprentice to transfer FRED duties to when he steps down.  Please contact him if interested.
            -           Seeking parents “roadies” to get equipment on and off the field for the various gigs.

      c.)        Fund Raising:             Ilda Jaco
            (1.)      Yankee Candle fund raiser:  earned $ 3,921.00.
            (2.)      Gertrude Hawk fund raiser slated for November.

                              - Discussion about how to increase sales for this fund raiser.

                  (3.)      Holiday Wreaths:       in process – with Christine Vollo

                              -           Cost is $ 20 @ earning $ 5 per sale to student’s account for each wreath.

                  (4.)      Shop Rite:       review of current earnings from fund raising sales.

                  (5.)      Concessions:  Lisa Lieto
                        -           Concessions are selling out at every game.

-           Kohl’s program has been successful with fund raising and would be on-hand for the Halloween / Homecoming Game.

-           Hospitality:  visiting bands are very appreciative of the support from Hospitality.

            -           Lorraine Colville seeking a successor to handle hospitality.  Anyone interested should contact Lorraine.

                  (6.)      Golden Regiment Spiritwear:                        Ronna Hill
                        -           Status update regarding what’s available for sale and when sales will be held.

                  (7.)      Chaperones:   B.J. Jacobson
                        -           Chaperones are needed for music events support.
                        -           Specification that HIB certification is required for all chaperones.


      a.)        Halloween Treat Bags:           Karene Nebel

                  -           Discussion of selling Halloween-themed items at concession for the Homecoming Game.

                  -           Suggestion that parents working at the game should dress-up (appropriately).

      b.)        Senior Night:  scheduled for November 29th

                  -           Extra help will be needed at concessions that night.

      c.)        Winter Concert Cookies:       Lynn Gresko

                  -           Plans to have the holiday cookie sale the night of the holiday concert (12/10); $ 5 per box of homemade cookies.

                  -           Signupgenius will be used to coordinate this event.

                  -           Lynn Gresko is seeking a successor to handle the cookie sale as this will be her last time managing the event.  Please contact Lynn if interested.

      d.)        Drumline Jackets:       Joanne Tenore

                  -           Jackets are getting updated with new embroidery to include their recent title win.


      e.)        Del Val Jazz Festival:

                  -           Introduction to planning a jazz festival at school to be held on 04/15/15.

      f.)         December Booster Meeting:

                  -           Meeting will be on MONDAY – 12/08/14 at 7 p.m. (venue to be determined).

                  -           Suggestion of having the meeting coincide with packing the holiday cookies in boxes to be sold at the concert on 12/10.

      g.)       Marching Band Banquet:        BJ Jacobsen and Lisa Lieto

                  -           Date for the event:     January 10, 2015.

9.)  Questions / Comments:

      a.)        Joanne Tenore:           Suggested coordinating report times for the Yamaha Cup to coordinate with the SAT scheduled for the same day.

      b.)        Katie Werrmann:         Asked about whether or not DVMB is moving forward with the idea of varsity/letter jackets for musicians.

                  Diane Moran: No word yet.  Mr. Zwarych hasn’t been approached yet as he’s been busy with marching band season.

      c.)        Band Camp:

                  -           New venue for 2015.

                  -           New chairperson sought to take-over for Dawn Niemeyer for the 2015 season.

                  -           Tentatively scheduled for a Monday through Thursday week; August 16 – 20.  [Scheduling was to accommodate the Oasis program as well as availability of the venue itself.]

      d.)        Concessions:

                  -           New chairperson sought to take-over for Lisa Lieto.

                  -           “Runners” needed.

                  -           Extra warmer needed for concession. (Roughly $ 1,500 - $ 3,000 expense.)

                  -           New 20’x20’ tent needed for concessions.

      e.)        James Kluska – Supervisor for Music Program

                  -           Introduction and brief presentation of ideas to help Del Val Music Boosters program.

10.)              Adjourn:       Meeting adjourned by Diane Moran, President:                  8:25 p.m.


Next Boosters regular meeting:    Wednesday, November 12, 2014, at 7 p.m. in Choir Room.