November 2014 DVPAB Minutes



Music Booster Meeting Minutes – November 12, 2014   7:01pm

Attendees:  M. Hernandez, D. Hill, E. Hill, P. Holloway,  I. Jaco, B. Jacobson, L. Lieto, J. Matuska, S. Matuska, D. Moran, D. Niemeyer, C. Smith, S. Snyder, M. Talke, J. Tenore,  K. Werrmann,



Follow Up/Responsible Parties

Membership committee

Lorraine unable to make it so Diane Moran reported. 53 Members plus 2 more recently –

Will send Lorraine information on two new members

Minutes from October Meeting

Clarification requested by Diane Moran – Zane’s project. Needs to state that All Sports Boosters donation of $100 went directly to Zane and we donated $200.  The money was not used for a grill. The money used to purchase the grill came from concession profits.


Motion to accept as amended – Eugene Hill. 2nd motion – Debbie Hill

Voted yes unanimously

Treasurer’s Report – Cheryl Smith

Reported all transactions taken place in October.

Motion to accept – Sandra Matuska. 2nd motion – Dawn Niemeyer.

Voted yes unanimously


Mr. Zwarych Music Report

Reported by Mr. Schynderite – Marching band season competition is over. Highlights of the year mentioned- 2nd place HCRHS, 1st place N. Warren, 1st place Nazareth, 3rd place NJ States, 1st place Yamaha Cup, 9th place and Dinkle Spirit award at Nationals. He thanked the students, parents and exec board for a great first year and looks forward to many more.  No game for the band this weekend. Shark Tank will be back. Students can present ideas for show. Jazz band auditions are tomorrow.  Competition schedule is still in the works.  Indoor Drumline parent meeting will be scheduled shortly. If you are interested please see Mr. Z in the band room to sign up.

Will let parents know when Drumline meeting will be and will finalize Jazz band competition schedule.

Mr. Schnyderite

Choir – Reminder on Dec 3rd, Wed, Chamber choir will be singing at the Frenchtown Tree Lighting Ceremony.  Starts at 3pm and ends around 5:45pm. December 12th in Milford will be doing a “flash mob”. Students to arrive at 6pm.  6:30-7p Tree lighting ceremony and some caroling to occur.   Dress warm for each event. Will be bussed for 12/3 ceremony and parents to pick up, parents will bring and pick up students on 12/12. Regionals will be able to audition in mid-December. Forms due tomorrow to Mr. Schnyderite. Registration is digital this year.   The form is for signatures and check to be made out to Mr. Schnyderite $15.  He will send one check for all students.


Old Business – Snack Shack – Diane Moran

Project is complete. Everyone is very happy with outcome. Thank you Zane for the great job well done.


Youth Band Night- Ilda Jaco

T-shirts have arrived. Given to Mr. Z and he will be delivering them to the sending districts. He wants to introduce himself and do some recruiting while at the sending districts.


Committee Reports – Diane Moran

Need new chairpersons – Band camp, Concessions, Fred Crew. All committees need 2 co-chairs to alleviate the work for one person.  We are looking for underclassmen parents who can carry on the work.


Anyone willing to co-chair please speak to present chairperson or see exec committee members

Uniform Committee – Beth Kelly and Katie Werrmann

Raincoats due today.  Will send out an email to parents to get them back.

All uniforms need to be dry-cleaned and can be returned with cleaning tag by Dec 8 and 10th.  Will discuss with Mr. Z about Drumline uniforms for the year.

Uniform committee to set up dates available to return raincoats. Will speak with Mr. Z about Drumline students.

Fred Crew – Eugene Hill

Good year this year – Next year we need to involve parents of kids in the pit and/or Drumline so they know what is happening.  Also trying to find a new chairperson next year.  Eugene is a senior parent next year stepping down and will assist new chairperson.

Will speak with Mr. Z about trailer issue for next year.

Fund Raising – Ilda Jaco

Yankee Candle complete.  Wrong items/incomplete orders finishing up. Gertrude Hawk is due this week.  Candy Grams will be sold at Senior night, Dec 10th Holiday Concert – anyone willing to volunteer to help sell please see Ilda Jaco. 

Will be selling them along with cookies at Holiday Concert. Sign to be made about proceeds

Wreaths – Pat Holloway and Mary Talke

Sold 342 wreaths – comparable to non-trip year.  Bows coming in this week.  Wreaths arrive on the Dec. 5th and pick-up on the Dec 6th.  Please pick up between 9 and 12pm. 

Email to be sent out soon regarding pick up information

ShopRite – Pat Holloway

Sold $8800.00 for October. $396 went to scholarship account.  $44 to General Fund

Next group to be done after Thanksgiving.


Concessions – Lisa Lieto

Last Game – not well attended due to Halloween - $965 profit. Total profit $7142.82.  $1500 received from Kohl’s also.  Need more volunteers due to Senior night and all the senior parents will be part of the ceremony.  Ceremony to be before the game.  Will scale back on food for the game so we will not have any food left over. 

Please email/call Lisa to volunteer.

Chaperones – BJ Jacobson

Doing well.  Still need 1 or 2 to be HIB certified.  Will need chaperones for last game on 11/28.


Cookie Sale – Diane Moran for Lynn Gresko

Packaging will be done on Dec 8th. Homemade – will not be gluten or peanut free. Will notify them.  Debbie Hill offered to make gluten free and keep them separate from the rest.

Will notify Lynn about specialization

Drumline Jackets – J. Tenore

Still at embroiderer; waiting to get back. Will let parents know when completed.



Marching Band Banquet – Diane Moran

Will be January 10th 6-9pm. FYI – Will be a new concept.  Exec committee will be meeting soon with chairpersons BJ Jacobson and Lisa Lieto to set up committees. Planning a fun time!


New Tent for Concessions – Diane Moran

Looking for a new tent. Sandra Matuska emailed one on sale on eBay for an example. Eugene to investigate.  Looking for commercial grade.  If you know anyone who has any contacts, please let us know.

Motion to have max amount spent of $1800 – J. Tenore. 2nd motion – Katie Werrmann. Voted yes unanimously.  Eugene to research and if anyone sees something, send to Eugene.


Can email Diane prior to meeting if you would like something to discuss.  Thank you everyone for all your help to make this Marching Band Season such a great success!


Next Meeting

Adjourned at 7:58pm Next meeting is December 8th **Monday** due to Christmas Concert on December 10th.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cheryl Smith, Treasurer