December 2014 DVPAB Minutes


Delaware Valley Music Boosters

Regular Meeting:       December  8, 2014

Pending approval by membership at next regular meeting.


Attendees:      Lorraine Colville, John Doucette, Lynn Gresko, Eugene Hill, Ilda Jaco, BJ Jacobsen, Lisa Lieto, Anne McCormick, Joe Matuska, Sandra Matuska, Diane Moran, Karene Nebel, Dawn Niemeyer, Cheryl Smith, Suzy Snyder, Christine Vollo and Katie Werrmann.

Meeting Minutes taken by Anne McCormick


1.)   Meeting called to order by Diane Moran, President:                       7:01 p.m.

2.)  Membership committee:       Lorraine Colville

      -           Membership stands at fifty-eight (58).

3.)  Minutes from November [regular] meeting:            Cheryl Smith

      -           Minutes for November meeting presented and approved by vote of entire membership with no discussion nor corrections/revisions.

4.)  Treasurer’s Report:    Cheryl Smith

      -           Treasurer’s Report presented and approved by vote of entire membership.

5.)  Directors’ Reports:    Not available.  Neither director was in attendance.

6.)  OLD BUSINESS:       Diane Moran

      a.)        Holiday Cookies:       Lynn Gresko

                  -           Program was a great success with 140 boxes prepared for sale during Winter Concert.

                  -           Many thanks for donations of cookies and manpower to package the donations.

                  -           Discussion followed as to when to time cookie sales on the night of the performance and that manpower would be needed for sales the night of the concert.

      b.)        Drumline Jackets:       Joanne Tenore – not available

                  -           Per Cheryl Smith, Treasurer, jackets arrived.


      a.)        Uniforms:        Kelly Ronca will be the new co-chair to join Beth Kelly to handle the uniform committee.

                  -           Katie Werrmann:

                              -           All raincoats need to be returned immediately.

                              -           One of the unaccounted for marching band uniforms was located.

                              -           If uniforms and/or components of uniforms are not returned, student will be put on school obligation.

      b.)        Fund Raising:

                        -           ShopRite card sales were $ 9,500.00.

                        -           Gertrude Hawk sale is finished with a total of $ 1,300.00 in products sold.

-           Concessions:  Lisa Lieto

                                    -           All donated food that did not get used for concessions due to game being cancelled was donated.

                                    -           Concessions sales for the season:     $ 7,226.00.

                                    -           John Doucette:                said he had pans to donate to the concessions program/snack shack.

                                    -           Diane Moran: a new grill was purchased and she would like it to be secured or moved during the off season.

                                                -           Eugene Hill:   suggested locking the warmer, as well.

                                    -           Diane Moran: thanks to all who donated to concessions/snack shack during the season.

                                    -           BJ Jacobson:   Looking for 2 or 3 to chair snack shack for upcoming 2015 season.

                                    -           Discussion followed about how to best use manpower to support concessions/snack shack.

-           Wreath sales:  Christine Vollo

            -           366 wreaths were sold at ~ $ 5.50 per wreath in profit.


      a.)        Neck Gaiters:             Katie Werrmann

                  -           Gaiters will be sold at winter concert for $ 10.00 each to recover expenses from making them for the choirs.

                  -           Vote and approval from the membership to sell during the performance.

      b.)        Marching Band Banquet:        BJ Jacobson / Lisa Lieto

                  -           Date of event: January 10, 2015.

                  -           Tickets were sold for $ 6.00 per person.

                  -           Food was ordered from ShopRite.

                  -           Committee needs to plan re-staffing the event for 2016.

      c.)        Catering for “Anything Goes” – Winter Musical:    Anne McCormick

                  -           Preliminary planning underway.

                  -           E-mail contact to follow.

      d.)        Theatre Program – proposal to become part of DVRHS Music Boosters: Diane Moran

                  -           First meeting to discuss possible merger of Theatre program into the DV Music Boosters slated for Jan. 12.  (Postponed due to inclement weather.)

                  -           January 28, 2015 – 7 p.m.:      Special Meeting to discuss Theatre addition to Boosters.

                  -           Brief discussion followed and deferred until membership meeting slated to address the proposal.

9.)  Questions / Comments:

      -           Eugene Hill:   Mentioned the concession program is in need of new tents.

10.)              Adjourn:       Meeting adjourned by Diane Moran, President:                  7:55 p.m.


Next Boosters regular meeting:    Wednesday, February 11, 2015, at