June 2015 DVPAB Minutes

Diane Carew, John Doucette, Marta Hernandez, Debbie Hill, Pat Holloway, Dawn Impalli, lda Jaco, Melody Karmondi,, Lisa Lieto, Diane Moran, Karene Nebel, Kelly Ronca, Kathie Roye, Lori Scarinci, James Schnyderite, Cheryl Smith, Madelyn Trimmer, Katie Wermann


Meeting Minutes taken by Kelly J. Ronca, Secretary


1) The meeting was called to order by Diane Moran, President at 7:03 p.m.

2) Membership Committee:  Diane Moran for Lorraine Colville   

                                    - Membership stands at sixty three (63)

3) Approval of Minutes: Kelly Ronca

                  Motion to accept minutes: Ilda Jaco

                  2nd by Katie Wermann

                  Motion passed

                  Opposed: None/Abstain: None          

4) Treasurer's Report:  Cheryl Smith

                  Motion to accept May treasurers report: Karene Nebel

                  2nd by Katie Wermann

                  Motion passed

                  Opposed/Abstain: None     

5) Directors Update: 

                  A) Christopher Zwarych:

                                    - Marching Band registration has started

                                    - Mr. Z. visited the sending districts to recruit for marching band

                                    - Wednesday, June 17th is a non-committal rehearsal from 6-8pm

                                    - Tentative schedule given out at the marching band at the informative meeting still stands with                                               the exception of September 3rd; this is a football scrimmage, therefore no performance

                                    - Mr. Z. is looking into a way to group text parents for marching band updates

                                    - Marching Band practices for June and July will be from 6-8pm "if you're in town, come on                                        down"

                                    - Trailer had been ordered all will arrive mid-July

                                    - Memorial Day Parade went really well. Mr. Z. received many compliments on our students

                                    - Kids interested in playing for graduation band (that are not in concert band) please let Mr. Z.                                                   know

                                    - Band room door has student leadership teams posted

                                    - Awards:

                                                                        John Philip Sousa Award - Dustin Niles

                                                                        Louis Armstrong Award - Marcus Oertle

                                                                        Music Booster Scholarship recipient - Mary Roberts

                                                                        Fred Waring Directors Award - Chris and Katie McCormick

                                                                        National Choral Award - Mary Roberts

                                    - Birdland trip (June 12th) -  students to leave at 2:30pm or before                                                   

                  B) James Schnyderite:

                                    - Choir year has wrapped up

                                    - Dorney Park/Kutztown performances were very successful with Jazz Band earning a superior                                                  rating and both Choirs earning an excellent rating. Acapella Choir also placed 1st. Best soloist                                            awarded to Chris McCormick; the kids performed tremendously

                                    - 8 kids graduating this year from Choir                               

                                    - Graduation is June 19th at 10am  - Band performs and Choir sings

                                    - If it rains, will have indoor graduation with no music

                                    - DelVal will make an announcement on the website the day before or morning of regarding                                                      indoor graduation in the event of rain

                                    - Graduation Choir will meet 3rd period, after finals

                                    - Graduation call time is 8:45am, concert dress "bright Sunday best"

                                    - Mr. Schnyderite would also like to thank all the parents for all their support during the year!

6) Old Business:

                  A) Theater Merger - Diane Moran

                                    - Diane read the Bylaws and Amendments

                                    Motion to accept Bylaws and Amendments: John Doucette/Ilda Jaco

                                    2nd by Marta Hernandez/Debbie Hill

                                    Motion passed

                                    Oppose: None/Abstain: None

                  B) Spring Concerts - Diane Moran

                                    - Thanks to all the parents who came out to help with the concerts

                                    - Thanks to Beth Kelly for bringing the "classy" water containers

                  C) Senior Field Day - Diane Moran and Madelyn Trimmer

                                    - Thanks to Madelyn and Michelle Kletter (Project Graduation) for coming out to help with sno-                                                 cones

                  D) Drumline Refunds - Cheryl Smith

                                    - 3 items not purchased that were paid for and all refunds or scholarship points have been                                         established

7) Committee Reports:

                  A) Uniform Committee - Beth Kelly and Kelly Ronca

                                    - Raincoats - moving ahead with Scotch guarding            

                                    - Beth would like to measure inseams on all Uniform pants and label them at first Marching Band                                             practice. We will need a MAN to volunteer to measure the boys. This would eliminate the                                        "droopy crotch problem"

                  B) Fundraising Committee - Ilda Jaco

                                    - Lori Scarinci will be the new fund-raising chair

                        - Shoprite Gift Cards Pat Holloway

                                    - Sold $9,100.00

                                                      - Pat will be stepping down as Shoprite Gift Card chair in September

                                                      - Will do 2 purchases over the summer

                                                      - Anyone interested can shadow Pat this summer to learn the job

                                    - Shammy Shine - Ilda Jaco

                                                      - Raised $2, 370.00

                                                      - We will have another Shammy Shine fundraiser in fall

                                    - Flower Power - Lori Scarinci

                                                      - If fundraiser is done by individual student, will need email addresses from all members

                                                      - If fundraiser monies go to general fund, members will just need to go through link to                                                                   place orders

                                                      - Can begin sale in August/Information will be available at August meeting

                                                      Motion to accept  fundraiser: Ilda Jaco

                                                      2nd  by Katie Wermann

                                                      Opposed: None/Abstain: None

                                                      Motion for monies to go into general fund to offset trip costs: Katie Wermann

                                                      2nd by Marta Hernandez

                                                      Opposed: None/Abstain: None                                              

                  C) Spirit Wear - Dawn Impalli

                                    - Boosters will be adding a new vendor for higher end items

                                    - Ordering will be online

                                    - Will continue to use Cellar Door for T-shirts

                                    - Karene Nebel will be designing a new Marching Band logo

                  D) Marching Band Packet Registration - Cheryl Smith

                                    - Marching Band packets have been sent out electronically

                                    - Parents only need to hand in 4 pages to Cheryl

                                    - Please submit by June 24th

                                    - Mr. Z. will determine if drum line shoes can be used instead of ordering Marching Band shoes

                                    - Parents: please put cell phone number on packet forms

                                    - Please contact Cheryl with any questions                         

                  E) Nominating Committee - Dawn Niemeyer

                                    - Vote taken for Executive Board

                                    - Results: Diane Moran, President

                                                        Ilda Jaco, Vice President

                                                        Cheryl Smith, Treasurer

                                                        Kelly Ronca, Secretary

8) New Business: 

                  A) Band Camp - Kelly Ronca, Marta Hernandez, Dawn Impalli

                                    - Chaperone list needs to be submitted and approved by the Board of Education (Mr. Z. will                                      handle)

                                    - Any parents interested in chaperoning band camp, please let Diane Moran know prior to JUNE                                             22ND

                                    - HIB Certifications will be completed online prior to band camp. Additional details to follow.

                  B) Concession Stand - Diane Moran

                                     - Boosters is in need of a chair or chairpersons

                                    - This job has many components which can and will be split up

                                    - Only needed for 4-5 home games; parents can volunteer to work one game only

                                    - Please contact Diane Moran if interested

                  C) Holland Day - Christine Vollo

                                    - September 12, 2015

                                    - Boosters NEEDS A CO-CHAIR

                                    - Will be selling sno-cones; Marching Band is scheduled to perform

                                    - Any interested parents, please let Diane or Christine know

                  D) Summer Mailing - Diane Moran

                                    - Will go out with school packet

                                    - Contains membership form


Cheryl Smith has extra Dorney Park tickets available at $30.00. If interested, please contact her.


****Diane would like to thank all our parents for an outstanding season. Thanks, as always, for your continued support of this program. See you all in August!!****


9) Adjourn: 8:18 P.M.

Next Boosters Meeting: TBD: August, 2015