Some idea starters!

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Hello! You can sketch about anything you would like in your sketchbooks. Here's some idea starters if you need some inspiration! Also, feel free to add some idea starters in the comments.

1. Draw about something you are excited to have the opportunity to do.

2. We are all out of our normal routine. Draw about something "out of the ordinary" or unexpected.

3. Go outside! Sketch from observation.

4. Sketch about an activity you have been doing with your family/friends.

5. Draw about what you think you will be doing in 2 weeks. One month. This time next year.

6. Draw a portrait of someone around you. Have a pet? Draw a portrait of your pet!

7. Make a collage using any old magazines, newspapers, photos, etc.

8. If coronavirus was a cartoon character...

9. Before and after

10. Draw about another point of view. A family member? Pet? Grocery store worker? Nurse? Scientist?