K12 Payment Center. The complete online payment solution

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What is my child’s Student Number?

    • Answer: The Student Number is a unique number assigned by your school district office. (It is usually not the same as the 3 or 4-digit lunch number that is used in the cafeteria.) It is usually printed on report cards and correspondence that you receive from the school. Please contact your district office if you do not know what number to use.

  • Question: Why are there fees for this service?

    • Answer: The fees cover the costs of maintaining the secure website and the fees that are charged to us for processing credit card payments. School districts usually do not have funds available for this type of expense.

  • Question: What does the service cost?

    • Answer: The cost depends on the level of service (Premium or Basic) that you select and the school district that your students are in. When you select your school district during registration, it will show the fees that apply in that district. You will always be provided with the cost information before any payment is processed. For Premium membership, there is a one-time registration fee. This gives you access to your student’s lunchroom balance and meal history, and offers e-mail notification when the account balance drops below a limit you have set. The fee varies per school district. With Basic membership, you can still make payments for meals and school fees online, but you will not be able to look up your student’s balance or meal history, and you will not receive Low Balance notifications. The regular payment fees will apply but there is no registration fee. You can upgrade to premium service at any time if the service is available in your district. When you make Payments, a fee will be added to cover