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Registration and General Information  - FALL/FULL YEAR Courses

Below is information directly from SHU:

Registration Information and Credit Cost

The Project Acceleration Fall Information Form will be open from August 15, 2023 through October 31, 2023. The link can be found below. You must complete this form to start the registration and payment process. Credits are $110 each, meaning a three-credit class is $330.

Students can call (973) 761-9224 or email here for assistance in registration. 

Registration & Payment Process

Students will go to the following link and fill out the necessary form every semester that they want to participate:

Project Acceleration Information Form

The student/parent will receive the payment email 3-5 business days after completing the initial interest form. Please keep an eye on your Spam folder. The payment through our online portal will be the registration. We will run a report every week for new students that pay for credits.

Students are not registered until after we receive an online payment.

This payment email will have the student’s Seton Hall Student ID number along with a link to pay for your credits online. Please have them pay for the credits ASAP or they will not receive credits from Seton Hall University.

If students overpay, register for an incorrect class, or register for the wrong semester, they will receive a refun