Seal of Biliteracy


Delaware Valley Regional High School participates in the New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy program.  The Seal recognizes seniors who have achieved language proficiency in English and a world language prior to graduation. The State of New Jersey awards seniors with a certificate and an insignia on their transcript.  Delaware Valley celebrates students who achieve the Seal at senior awards night. 

Juniors and seniors will be offered assessment opportunities through their world languages class. Most languages are tested using the STAMP 4S Assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should a student pursue the Seal?
-Demonstrates college and career readiness to universities and employers
-Exemplifies a student as a global citizen
-Universities offer college credit for obtaining the Seal (in particular states)

Who is eligible?
-Juniors and seniors who are currently enrolled in a Level 4 or Advanced Placement world language class
-Juniors and seniors who speak and are literate in another language at home
-Juniors and seniors who are English Language Learners and can demonstrate literacy in English and their first language

How can a student enroll?
-Students in a Level 4, or Advanced Placement course will be sent a survey for enrollment to complete by October 28, 2022
-Testing will be conducted in January 2023 following midterm exams
-Students must attain the score of ‘Intermediate-Mid’ on the STAMP assessment to recei