Request for Public Records (OPRA)

Why is there an Open Public Records Act?

The law is intended to:

  • Expand the public's right of access to government records;

  • Set up an administrative appeals process if access is denied;

  • Define what records are and are not "government records" and determine whether they should be accessible to the public.

The policy behind it:

The policy behind the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) is that government records, with certain exceptions, should be readily accessible to the public for inspection, examination, and copying. While limitations on the public's right of access should be decided in the public's favor, a public agency is required to keep a citizen's personal information from public access when that access would violate the citizen's reasonable expectation of privacy. 

Click to download the DVRHS Records Request Form.

For additional information, please visit Government Records Council website or contact Teresa O'Brien, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary at (908) 996-2727. 

Click here for the DVREA (Teachers/Aides/Secretaries/Custodians) Negotiated Agreement

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