DVRHS Local Scholarship Application Process 

Class of 2024 - The DVRHS Local Scholarship application packet was emailed to all seniors. The local scholarship application includes scholarships that are awarded to seniors by DVRHS, our sending districts, and community organizations. Only ONE application form and ONE checklist should be completed and returned to the School Counseling Office, or they can be emailed to: Email Scott Woodland

Please let Mr. Woodland know if you have any questions about the application, scholarship details or required supplements.  

The deadline for submission of the application form, checklist, and any required supplements is Thursday, April 25, 2024.  

**All 3 documents are attached to the email you received (Application, Checklist, Descriptions), or you can stop by the counseling office to pick up copies**

Senior Awards Night will be held in June.  Invitations for this event will be sent later in the school year to seniors who will be receiving awards.

Current Scholarship Opportunities 

Scholarship opportunities are e-mailed to seniors throughout the year from Mr. Scott Woodland, School Counselor.

Performing Arts Boosters Scholarship

Application Guidelines:

The Del Val Performing Arts Booster Club will award up to four (4) scholarships each year to graduating senior varsity performers. The value of the scholarship is not to exceed $1,000.00 each. The monies available to the Del Val Performing Arts Booster Club will govern the number and dollar amount of the awards, and may change yearly as voted on at a monthly meeting.

To receive a scholarship award offered by the Del Val Performing Arts Booster Club, the applicant must:

1. Have been a performer in any Band ensembles, any Choir ensembles or Theater for a minimum of three years, and one must be during his/her senior year.

2. A Minimum grade point average of 83.

3: Receive/Have

  1. A recommendation from faculty associated with the performing arts program AND/OR

  2. A parent or guardian who has been an active member in good standing during the student’s senior year. To be a member in good standing one must:

i. Pay Annual Dues

ii. Attend at least 50% of all Booster Club activities. (this includes meetings, concession participation at football games, tech week, outside sales events, school sales events, etc.)

4. Students must submit a single spaced, 500 word or less essay on one of the following

  1. Detail their inv